Have you found an old Mitchell fishing reel?

An early Mitchell 304 reel

If you have found a vintage Mitchell fishing reel then there’s a good place to find out about it’s history. The French company made many millions of these iconic reels and they were as popular in the United States as they were in Europe. Whether yours is all beat up like the one in the above pictures or better still, in prestine condition complete with the retail box and instructions, there’s quite a bit of info on the Mitchell Reels Museum website where you can date the various models and check how rare they might be. Follow the link below….


The quality of these reels is legendary and although production ceased in the late 1980’s many are still in use today. In fact I use the later models (300’s from the 1970’s & 80’s) for spinning and float fishing and they cast as far as most of the expensive modern reels. Despite the numbers produced and like most things, certain models do command quite high prices which is why I bookmarked the Mitchell Reels Museum website as a useful point of reference.