Beach Fishing

Beach fishing is popular among anglers as there’s a whole variety of species to be caught at various times of the year plus it presents an opportunity to test their casting skills.

Species can range from mackerel, bass, cod, whiting, conger eels, dogfish and garfish to flatties like plaice and dabs. While most anglers prefer beachcaster rods for distance casting, others like to try float fishing and spinning. Big casts might be prefered to reach the flatfish but often species like the bass are more likely to be taken within just a few yards of the shore. They hunt close to where the waves break as that stirs the sand where feed fish like sandeels are to be found.

A varirty of baits are used from the beach depending on what part of the country the fishermen are trying their luck. These range from lugworm, ragworm, razorfish and peeler crab to sandeels, both live and preserved or frozen to squid and mackerel or garfish strips. After dark when the whiting and dogfish are on the feed then mackerel strips are a good one bait fits all as most species will take them. Combinations of squid or mackerel tipped with lug or ragworm are also worth a try.