The Joys of Sea Angling

He casts his bait out…

Angling is one of those recreational sports where catching fish is considered a bonus by many anglers. Whether you catch a bagful, one for the dinner plate or draw a complete blank, look at the benefits of being at one with nature. Of course the match angler needs to not only catch fish but enough species of the right weight to beat off the competition. For the casual angler it’s the journey rather than the destination.

The exercise from yomping to a rocky outcrop with fresh sea air filling the lungs. The elements and glorious skies to savour. Watching a sea trout leap out of the water or the sea birds picking off the injured small fry from where the shoaling mackerel are frenzy feeding to the solitude having escaped the madding crowd.

Sunshine & showers provide the bonus of a rainbow

Fishing provides the perfect excuse to rise from your bed before dawn breaks to catch a glorious sunrise at the best time to connect with the fish who are hunting for their first meal of the day. And to cap it all, being by the coast witnessing the sun slowly sink into the ocean and the post sunset stunning colours in the sky above.

Anglers might not connect with the fish on every trip but all things considered…they never really draw a blank after a day’s fishing by the sea.

…and reels a fish in