Get the kids hooked on Angling with Mini Fish Species

Targeting mini species is a great way to introduce youngsters to the sport of sea angling. An inexpensive lightweight rod and reel set is all that’s required to start the ball rolling and any fish weighing less than a pound will be as exhilarating to a five year old as a ten pound bass to an accomplished adult.

Keep everything small…light line…small weight…tiny hooks and baits are all that’s required to tempt a mini species from the depths. There are more than 40 mini species found around Britain’s coast including several blenneys, sea scorpions and the favourite wrasse, again with several types. Best baits are small lengths of lug or ragworm lowered below a rocky outcrop. No need for a big cast as these minnows frequent the rock holes and kelp beds right below where the angler is standing.

A small wrasse brings a smile to a budding angler’s face

Similar tactics can be used inside harbours where bib whiting, small pouting and mini pollack swim close to the wall. Again, no need for a big cast, simply lower the rig straight down and try resting on the bottom or various depths above. Rag and lug work here as well as small pieces of mackerel or squid. Most mini species aren’t too fussy when feeding so just about anything goes for bait.

Of all the mini species, the tough little wrasse is the favourite due to its fighting qualities and resilience when handled. They can survive several minutes out of water and soon recover when dropped back into the sea.